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Help Rebuild the Orphanage Treehouse

20 Years ago, the orphanage was surprised with the donation of a beautiful Treehouse for their children built in the garden tree at Hogar Casa de Pan. Tree climbing and other outdoor activities rapidly became an integral part of family life for them and visiting friends. While the house was kept in good shape and as the tree grew we were only adding stairs so the children could continue accessing the house. Unfortunately, it grew up to 30 feet tall becoming more and more dangerous for our children to go up in the house, in addition, the branches grew closer, squeezed and damage the house.

<i>We're requesting your support to help rebuild the Treehouse with more security features installed for the children at the orphanage at home. This treehouse will be another way for us to share stories with you, and to captivate upcoming generations with our family story.</i>

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