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Missing furniture for the dining room and kitchen

Help us furniture the kids dining room Rainy season is here once more and the top of our dining room still remains open making the kids get wet each time it rains and the wind blows, we sometimes put plastic bags but due to the humidity it often attracts mold easily, the reason why we need your help to install windows with proper ventilation. The tables and chairs are in good conditions and can handle a couple more years. The kitchen urgently needs an internal remodeling, well the truth is not so much the remodeling since as you will see internally it lacks many basic things, if not more than everything adapted to be able to accommodate and store all the utensils like knives, forks, spoons, plates, pots, ceiling, shelves, and a freezer to store more food for them. [give_form id="918"]

<i>Thank you for the donation of the refrigerator that we currently have in the kitchen that has served us a lot and we hope that you continue helping with everything you for it will always be well received and we hope for little more help with any of the other things that we still need to be able to have a green clean kitchen and dining room for these children, which are the future of tomorrow.</i>

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