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Torture of the Children

Adults parents brought to court after being split from their children were hustled back onto a bus and returned to a detention center without being charged showing us that fate in the courts remains unclear. An attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project is torn. On one hand, Thursday is the first day in about a month that not a single parent has been brought to federal court after being split from their children. That’s good, he says. The bad news? The federal government has no concrete plans to reunite families who have been separated, he says, and it’s possible this new policy will be changed at any moment. For weeks, Olivares has been meeting with migrant parents who’ve been separated from their families. “It is absolutely a form of punishment, and so is prolonged detention,” he tells a gaggle of reporters outside the courthouse. “It’s torture of the children, in my opinion.” Like other migrant advocates, we have no idea how the federal government plans to reunite families. Adults and kids separated at the U.S.-Mexican border have been spread over to some facilities in 15 states, and federal authorities won’t discuss exactly how they plan to reunite families, especially when these adults’ parents are detained in immigration camps not designed to house any children or infants.

<i>More than 2,300 children have reportedly been separated from their parents while attempting to enter the U.S. It appears some adults have been deported without their kids, and others have been told it's their responsibility to pay for their travel to wherever their kids are being held.         We raising funds to help suffice the most we can with at least their basic food and travel expenses, low-cost attorney services to immigrant children and families in Central and South Texas.</i>

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