How does it work?

Step One: Create Your Campaign. There’s no easier way to share your story and attract support.

Step Two:  Share with Family and Friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email.

Step Three: Easily Accept Donations. Receive your fund by requesting a bank transfer.

Step Four: Enjoy the Results and share with others. Make changes, post updates and send thank-you notes from your dashboard.


Do I have to pay for a signup fee?
It’s free to create and share your online fundraising campaign!. Countermen charges a low transaction fee of up to 30% of the gross donation should you decide to use our full marketing option and/or up to 8% should you decide to use only our digital marketing option. Donations are also subject to third party payment processing fees of up to 3%. For full details please visit www.CountOnMe.fund. Services that claim to be 100% Free – they’ll actually charge your donors instead.


How do I raise Money with CountOnMe?
As hosts of a great number of fundraising campaigns, we have gained experience on how to be successful at crowdfunding. Let us share a few best practices s to make your fundraiser a huge success.


Step #1: Tell Your Story
There is a reason you have started a campaign on CountOnMe. Maybe your best friend was recently diagnosed with a disease, or you are trying to raise money for your son’s Boy Scout troop. Each campaign has its own unique and compelling story. The best way to get people to connect with your cause is to tell this story. Make sure that it’s clear to your audience why are you raising money and what this cause means to you. Don’t be afraid to get personal – potential donors and supporters love being able to relate and understand why you’re raising money and where their money is going.  Also, a picture is worth a thousand words, so think about adding photos and creating videos for your campaign page.


Step #2: Count On Your Inner Circle
When starting your campaign, it’s important to call on your inner circle. Behind every great campaign are family and friends who are passionate about sharing your story!


Step #3: Social Media is Your best allied
Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are powerful tools to help spread your story.


Step #4: Treat Your Supporters Like Family
Your family knows your past and present, successes and failures. As you launch your campaign, you will develop new relationships, made up of your supporters, donors, and advocates. Keep them up to date on how your campaign is going and any good (or bad) news you have to share with them.


Step #5: Set Aggressive But Manageable Goals
Take time to sit down and think about what you hope to achieve from the campaign. How much money are you hoping to raise? How many supporters do you want or need behind you? How much time do you have to devote to your efforts? Make sure to set realistic goals that you are confident you can achieve.

Once you have success, make sure you raise your funding goal and share with your supporters your new target amount! And remember–your campaign’s end date can be changed and extended as many times as you’d like.


How would I receive my donations
Subject to the requirements of applicable local laws, once your fundraising campaign is on our platform and begins receiving online donations, you can easily request your donations to be transferred to the bank account t provided at the beginning when creating your account. The process initially takes approximately 7 to 10 Business days then every other day.


 How will I receive my funds?

  • USD to a US bank account: ACH transfer
  • USD to any other location: international wire transfer
  • AUD: Stripe Payout to your Australian bank account
  • CAD: Stripe Payout to your Canadian bank account
  • EUR: Stripe Payout. Find out more here.
  • GBP: Stripe Payout to your British bank account

Note: When you request to receive funds to a non-US bank account, a transfer fee is incurred for each transfer/disbursement sent by CountOnMe.


What can I change after I launch my project?
After you launch your campaign, you cannot, under any circumstance, change the following fields:

  • Currency
  • Country of legal residence
  • Bank account country
  • Business name
  • Business tax ID/EIN
  • Legal first and last name
  • Date of Birth

Please make sure you’re careful about selecting those above fields before launching. As they can’t be changed after you go live, if any changes need to be made, we recommend refunding any donor and starting a new project. You’ll be notified of this before you launch.