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Feature services

"CountOnMe provides high-quality services and at the same time maintain expenses low
through exceptional management and the support of committed volunteers."

Healthy Food

Seeking our basic necessity committed with underprivileged communities consistently supporting their 3 daily meals.

Effective Causes

Providing safe tools for your tax-deductible donations to qualified Charities and Non-profit Organizations around the world.

Arrange Donations

Supporting Charities or Nonprofits Organizations, Individuals, and SMBs connecting them with donors.

Charity Events

Adding values by supporting NGO’s and Charitable Organizations that are not self-sustainable facilitating access to funding.

Educational Fundraising

Reaching out to underprivileged communities and low educated populations with charity, in addition, to continuously work.

Impact The World

Empowering the world by supporting while nurturing their cause or project from beginning to end sharing their dream.

We Worked on Several Projects

Watch Recent Projects Report

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